Intro to 120 film pack

Intro to 120 film pack
Brand: Lomography
Product Code: Intro To 120 Roll Film
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This little 5 pack for those getting into film photography, via Lomo Cameras,  Rolleiflex, YashicaFlex, Bronica, Mamiya, Hasselblad or Pentax systems that use 120 roll film.

The Pack Contains a total of 5 rolls, with a mixture of films from the following list. Pack content will be determined by what is in stock at the time of ordering

Lomo 100 Color Neg

Lomo 400 Color Neg

Lomo 800 Color Neg

Lomo Earl Grey 100 Black & White

Lomo Lady Grey 400 Black & white

Kodak T/Max 400 Black & White

Kodat Tri-X 400 Black & White

Kodak Portra 400 Colour Neg

Kodak Ektar 100 Colour Neg

Ilford FP4 125 B+W

Ilford HP5 400 B+W

Ilford Delta Pro 100 B+W

Ilford Delta Pro 400 B+W

Ilford Pan F 50 B+W

Ilford SFX 200 B+W

Slide Film

Fujifilm Provia 100f

Lomo X-Pro 200 

To Buy these individually would cost over $85


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