Hahnel Mk200 Microphone

Hahnel Mk200 Microphone
Brand: Hahnel
Product Code: Hahnel Mk200
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Price: NZD$229.00

Second generation microphone with high fidelity sound.
The peak signal indicator shows the user when the sound is too loud & is easily adjusted by selecting a lower dB level using the -10dB /0 dB / +10dB switch.

The Mk200 uses dual shock mounts to absorb any unwanted mechanical vibrations and handling noise.
For outdoor sound recordings, a deadcat windshield is included.


- 3 position volume sensitivity switch has -10, 0, +10 settings, to optimise the microphone performance when recording both high and low level audio.
- A Low Cut setting minimises wind noise.
- Fitted with a Hot Shoe adaptor and a 1/4” thread, the MK100 fits easily on any camera, boompole, monopod, tripod & Hähnel MH80 holder & extension cable.
- Fitted with a 14mm electret condenser capsule which produces high quality audio with a unidirectional pick-up. This is achieved using a Super Cardiod design. 
- Fitted with a unique rubber suspension system known as a “Shockmount”. This shockmount absorbs unwanted mechanical vibrations from the camera.
- Readily available AAA batteries are included, giving over 100 hours running time.
- Robust Shielded Audio cable with 3.5mm mini-jack.

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