Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video

Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video
Brand: Calibrite
Product Code: Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: NZD$314.99
  • Ideal for all users that require accurate color control when capturing moving images
  • Perfect for ensuring multiple cameras give a similar color rendition
  • Can be used with all major editing software
  • Useful focus target included for ensuring the sharpest levels of detail

ColorChecker Passport Video includes:

Video Color Target:

Includes 6 chromatic color chips aligned with video production, 6 skin tones chips, 6 gray balance chips, and 6 highlights and shadow chips (including a high gloss black) to achieve the ideal color balance

Grayscale Target:

3 steps include white highlight, 40 IRE mid-tone gray, and saturated high gloss black reference patches to achieve perfect exposure

White Balance Target:

Create custom in-camera white balance for a consistent neutral point, eliminating the need to color correct each frame later

Focus Target:

A chart facilitating centre and edge focus

Portable Protective Case:

Adjusts to accommodate multiple positions so that you can easily incorporate the target(s) into any scene. Also, it includes a handy lanyard so that your Passport is always close by.

Use these charts for a variety of applications, including:

  • Color grading
  • Color balancing
  • Gray balancing
  • Setting perfect exposure
  • Color matching multiple cameras
  • Shooting and editing for mixed lighting
  • 3rd Party Software Support

ColorChecker Passport Video is supported by 3rd party software solutions for improved color grading and monitor calibration efficiencies.

DaVinci Resolve

3DLUT Creator


Number of Targets:


Number of Color Patches:


Target Size:

109.0 x 63.5mm

Size of Passport:

125 x 90mm

Humidity Range:

85% or less, non-condensing

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