Olympus FL-300 Wireless Flash

Olympus FL-300 Wireless Flash
Brand: Olympus
Product Code: FL-300 WIreless Flash
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: NZD$235.00

The FL-300R is a compact sized add-on flash with a slim profile that matches any PEN camera when attached to the hotshoe. Powerful with a rating of GN28 (ISO200), its tilting mechanism with a maximum 60° backward tilt angle enables bounce illumination for softer lighting results. Its 30° downward tilt angle enables the illumination of small objects at macro photography distances.

The FL-300R has a wireless slave capability that is compatible with the remote flash control system of many PEN and Olympus E-System SLR cameras. The firing intensities of up to two groups of FL-300R strobes can be controlled independently with wireless control. The FL-300 is equipped with a built-in wide panel, which can be used to cover an ultrawide angle with a focal length of 9mm (equivalent to 18mm of 35mm cameras).

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