Elinchrom ELB 1200 PRO To Go Set

Elinchrom ELB 1200 PRO To Go Set
Brand: Elinchrom
Product Code: Elinchrom ELB 1200 Pro To Go Set
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: NZD$5,064.00

Looking for a Versatile lighting set? Try the ELB 1200 Pro To Go Set from Elinchrom. The kit contains an ELB 1200 Battery-Powered Pack with Li-Ion battery, 1x ELB 1200 Pro Head with 16cm 90° reflector, a Snappy carrying option with shoulder strap, one Skyport Transmitter Plus, and a ProTec Location bag made out of durable nylon with YKK zippers.

The ELB 1200 is a portable and weather-resistant Li-Ion battery powered pack. Its robust practical design with large OLED display makes operating simple and intuitive. Building upon Elinchrom's existing ELB 400 system, you'll also be able to enjoy faster recycling with more flashes per battery, a larger power range with shorter flash durations and better control of colour. Weighing only 4.3 kg and measuring a compact 18 x 13 x 28 cm, the ELB 1200 is the ideal companion on your adventures.

The Elinchrom ELB 1200 comprises a 1200Ws generator pack, powered from a user-switchable lithium-ion battery. The ELB 1200 can be used with the included 1.1kg Li-Ion Battery Air for 215 full power flashes, or combined with the optional 1.5kg Li-Ion Battery HD for 400 full power flashes. Both batteries are also capable of powering accessories via a 5v USB outlet.

At full power in DEFAULT mode, the ELB 1200 recycles in 3.0 seconds, or 1.7 seconds in FAST mode. The ELB 1200 uses an integrated wireless SkyportTM radio receiver to offer more range, channels and control. There is also a USB port for firmware updates.

The system supports two flash heads with symmetrical 1:1 or asymmetrical 2:1 energy ratios. The included ELB 1200 Pro Head is one of three optional ELB 1200 heads; Pro, Hi-Sync, or Action. This Pro head is the best choice for universal uses. The optional Action Head offers a very fast flash duration and the optional Hi-Sync head is the best fit for Hi-Sync.

The Pro head provides a balance between performance and price. Though it offers a slower flash duration than the Action head, this makes it the perfect flash for general use. If you don't shoot action and only want to buy one flash head that can work with Hi-Sync to some degree and also create nice sharp portraits, then the Pro head is a good option. Please note that the Hi-Sync usage is limited and depends on the camera, larger Sensors and mirror mechanics may limit the max sync shutter speeds. If you want to shoot mainly at higher shutter speeds, then you will want to get the EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter along with the Hi-Sync flash head.

The head features a robust lightweight aluminium housing and tilt head, the option to use 7 mm and 8 mm umbrellas, and a powerful 92 CRI daylight LED for both still and video use with full-sized Elinchrom accessories. The cooling fan can be switched to silent mode to further benefit video use, and a new short glass dome makes the head more compact and protects the flashtube and the LED

Best Flash Duration at Power 33% Output B at 4.4 / 140 Ws 1/5050
Colour Temperature at Max. Power 5500 °K
F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°) 100%: 128 / 50%: 90
Flash Tube N° 24084 : Plug-in, Replaceable
Flash Duration t0.5 at Min. Power 100%: 1/1640 / 50%: 1/2400
Flash Duration t0.5 at Max. Power 100%: 1/1280 / 50%: 1/2130
Glass Dome 24930 (Transparent)
Hi-Sync Compatibility Yes (camera dependent)
LED Modelling Lamp Options On, Free, Prop, Timer, VFC
LED Modelling Lamp Watt / Lumens 50 W (Equivalent to 250 W), 4000 Lumens, Daylight
Dimmable Modelling Lamp Yes
Power Stability +/- 0.03%
Supplied With 4m cable, Fashtube, LED Modelling Lamp, Protective Cap, Glass Dome
Tilt Head Adapter 5"/8" Standard
Umbrella Fitting Centered 7 mm Tube and Tilt Head with 8 mm Umbrella Fixing
Ventilation Cooling Fan with Silent Video Mode
Dimensions (D x H x L) 14 x 23.1 x 22.5 cm
Weight 2.2 kg


ELB 1200 Pro To Go Set Includes 1x ELB 1200 Supplied with Li-Ion battery, charger, sync cord

1x ELB 1200 Pro Head Supplied with 4 m flash cable and protective cap

1x Reflector 16 cm / 90°

1x Snappy carrying option with shoulder strap

1x Skyport Transmitter Plus

1x ProTec Location bag

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