Elinchrom Quadra Living Set

Elinchrom Quadra Living Set
Brand: Elinchrom
Product Code: Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Set
Availability: In Stock
Price: NZD$2,443.00

The perfectly priced Quadra Hybrid Living Light Set, for anyone who wants to start the outdoor experience at low cost. 


Delivers 400ws of power, 6.6 fstop power range, 140 full-power flashes, rock solid Lead Gel Battery (works very well at low outside temperatures, built-in EL-Skyport Receiver, EL-Skyport Transmitter with 4 Groups, 8 Frequency channels and flash power remote control, only 3 kg / 6.6 lbs. (pack and battery), only 0.28 kg / 0.62 lbs for the Quadra Pro Head with 50W equivalent LED modelling lamp

Set Content Qty
Quadra Hybrid Pack w/ lead battery / charger 1
Quadra Pro Head 1
EL-Skyport Transmitter SPEED 1

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