Lastolite Triflip 8 n 1 Deluxe kit 75cm

Lastolite Triflip 8 n 1 Deluxe kit 75cm
Product Code: Lastolite Triflip 8 n 1 Delxue kit 75cm
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  1. The TriGrip Bracket makes the TriFlip 8:1 Deluxe Kit ideal for the photographer who works alone and will allow them to position the TriGrip diffuser or reflector (if the TriFlip covers are used) exactly where they want it, leaving their hands free to operate the camera.
    •Ideal for photographers who work alone
    •Compact foldaway design
    •7 different surfaces plus a diffuser
    •Double sided & reversible covers
    •Air cushioned stand (85cm - 312cm)


    The new TriFlip 8:1 Deluxe Kit provides a complete all in one solution for the busy photographer. The kit comprises:
    •1 x 75cm (30”) TriGrip 2 stop diffuser
    •1 x Set of 75cm (30”) TriFlip covers containing white, silver, softsilver, gold, sunlite and sunfire reflective surfaces as well as a black surface.
    •1 x Air Cushioned Lighting Stand (85cm to 312cm high)
    •1 x TriGrip Bracket
    •1 x Carry Case with shoulder strap


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