Intro to 35mm film Starter pack

Intro to 35mm film Starter pack
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The Intro to 35mm Film Starter pack is a 5 pack of film for photographers who are just starting out in film photography, or returning to film after a digitial hiatus.

The 5 pack of films will be a combination of films from different brands including Kodak, Lomography, Fujifilm and Ilford, in a mixture of colour negative, Black + White Negative and E-6 Slide film

Lomography have become know around the world for films with interesting tones, and the release modern iterpretations of classic emulsion types.

 The colour negative films are all C-41 process and can be processed by most labs easily, the Black + White films are NOT C-41 friendly, and require specialist processing, and the slide/transperancy films can be processed in E-6 for a traditional slide image, or cross processed in C-41 for different looks.

In this Intro pack there will be a total of 5 rolls that may include

Lomo Colour Neg 100ASA/36exp

Lomo Colour Neg 400ASA/36exp

Lomo Earl Grey 100ASA/36exp Black & White

Lomo Lady Grey 400ASA/36exp Black & White

Lomo Redscale XR 50-200ASA/36exp (this film offers standard tones when rated at 50ASA or extended red tones when rated at 200ASA)

Lomo X-Pro 200 Slide film 36exp

Kodak Ultramax 400ASA/24exp

Kodak Gold 200ASA/24exp

Kodak Tri-X 400/36 exp

Ilford FP4 125/24

Ilford Pan F 50/36exp

Ilford HP5 400/24

Kodak Portra 400/36

Slide FIlm

Fujifilm Velvia 100F 36exp

Lomo X-Pro 200 36exp


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