Manfrotto Sympla Rods (150mm) Pair MVA523A

Manfrotto Sympla Rods (150mm) Pair MVA523A
Brand: Manfrotto
Product Code: Manfrotto Sympla Rods Pair MVA523W
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: NZD$135.00

150mm (5.9'''') long Rods are one of the basic building blocks of all SYMPLA rigs, and are always used in parallel pairs to create a track which allows components to be mounted and positioned correctly. 

Rods can be united (using the included screw junctions), joined at different heights using the V-Offset component, or shifted laterally using the H-Offset component. These short Rods are compact and useful for mounting elements like the SYMPLA Shoulder Pad, Camera Body Support or Lens Support, or Adjustable Handles that require only minimal back-front adjustment. 

Made in 15mm (0.59'''') diameter tubular aluminium for strength and reduced weight, 150mm Rods are the shorter of SYMPLA's two sizes. Supplied as a pair, with two 1/2”-13UNC screw junctions included. 

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