Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro 1000 A2 Printer

Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro 1000 A2 Printer
Brand: Canon
Product Code: Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-1000
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Price: NZD$2,299.00

Detailed Specifications

Printer Functions

Polaris Zero/Polaris Zero AS
Issued Version
Issued Date
Ink Type
Maximum Print Resolution
2400 (horizontal)*1 x 1200 (vertical) dpi
User installation
Dimensions WxDxH (mm), Weight (Kg) (Unit)
Approx. 723 x 433 x 285 mm, Weight approx. 32kg (including print head and inks)
Dimensions WxDxH (mm), Weight (Kg) (Package)
Approx. 1,006 x 556 x 433 mm, Weight approx. 38kg (including print head, inks, manuals)
Power Supply
Input power: AC 100-240V 50/60HzPower consumption*7: approx 37WStandby power consumption: approx 2.5WPower off: approx 0.4W
Acoustic Noise (PC Print)
Photo (4"x6")*2: approx. 41.0 db(A)Document (A4, B/W)*3 - Quiet Mode OFF: approx 40.8 dB(A)Document (A4, B/W)*3 - Quiet Mode ON: approx 40.4 dB(A)
Paper Handling (Rear Tray) (Maximum Number)
Plain Paper: A5/A4/A3/B5/B4/LTR//LGL/LDR=150,A2/B3=20Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101): 4x6=20?2LTR/A4/A3/A3+/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=10?A2=1Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201): 4x6=20?25x7/LTR/A4/A3/A3+/8"x10"=10Photo Paper Pro Luster (LU-101): LTR/A4/A3/A3+=10?A2/17"x22"=1Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201): 4x6=20?2LTR/5×7/A4/A3/A3+/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=10?17"x22"=1Matte Photo Paper (MP-101): LTR/A4/A3/A3+=10Photo Stickers(PS-101): PS-101?PS-201?PSHRS = 1Lightweight Photo Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Heavyweight Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Japanese Paper Washi: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Canvas: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Red Label Superior 80 g/m2: A4=130Canon Oce Office Colour Paper 80 g/m2: A4=100
Paper Handling (Manual Feed Slot) (Maximum Number)
Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101): A4/A3/A3+/A2/LTR/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=1Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/8"x10"=1Photo Paper Pro Luster (LU-101): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/A2/17"×22"=1Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/17"×22"/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=1Premium Matte(PM-101): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/A2/17"×22"=1Matte Photo Paper (MP-101): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/A2=1Lightweight Photo Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Heavyweight Photo Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Heavyweight Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Extra Heavyweight Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Japanese Paper Washi: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Canvas: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Highest Density Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1
Operating Environment*4
Temperature: 5~35?, Humidity: 10~90%RH (no dew condensation)
Recommended Environment*5
Temperature: 15~30?, Humidity: 10~80%RH (no dew condensation)
Storage Environment
Temperature: 0~40?, Humidity: 5~95%RH (no dew condensation)
Detector and Adjustment
Registration adjustment: Automatic/ManualBanding adjustment: NoLine length adjustment: NoHead slant adjustment: NoColor calibration: Yes (with a color calibration notification functions)Head gap adjustment: Automatic/ManualNon-firing detection: YesNon-firing compensation: Yes
Standard memory: 1GB
Printer Languages: SG Raster(Swift Graphic Raster)Job control: IVECStatus reply: IVEC
Operation Panel
Display: 3.0" (320 x 240 TFT LCD), Key x 13, LED x 2Language on operation panelDisplayable language on LCD: 21 Languages Selectable: Japanese/English/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Dutch/Pollish/Russian/Danish/Norweign/Swedish/Finnish/Czech/Simplified Chinese/Traditianal Chinese/Korea/Thai/Indonesian/French/Turkish

Hi-Speed USBType: Built-inMode: Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mbit/sec), Bulk transferConnector type: Series B (4 pins)EthernetType: Built-inStandard: IEEE 802.3 10base-T / IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX / Auto-NegotiationProtocol: TCP/IPWireless LAN: IEEE802.11n/IEEE802.11g/IEEE802.11b

Print Head

Print Head
Model: NAType: Bubble-jet on demandHead configuration: 12 colors integrated type (4 colors chips x 3)Nozzle pitch: 600dpi x 2Nozzle per chip: 1,536 nozzles x 12 colorsDroplet size: 4pl per colorHead replacement: Service support

Ink Tank

Ink Tank
Model: JP/AMR/EUR/OCE:PFI-1000 MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/CO, ASIA:PFI-50 MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/COSupply: Tubing systemColors: MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/COCapacity: Sales use: 80ml, Starter use: 80mlLevel detection: Detected by dot count and electrode (Empty)Smart chip: Each ink tank is equipped with EEPROM which stores its ink level

Media Handling

Media Feeding
Rear tray/Manual feed slot
Media Size
A5, A4, A3, A3+, A2, B5?B4?B3 4x6", 5x7", 8x10", 10x12", 14x17", 17x22", LTR, LGL, LDR
Media Thickness
Rear tray: Plain paper 64~105g/m2, Canon specialty paper Max.300g/m2?0.1~0.3mm Manual feed slot: Canon specialty paper Max.400g/m2?0.1~0.7mm
Media Width
Rear tray: 89~432mm, Manual feed slot: 203.2~432mm
Minimum Printable Paper Length
Rear tray: 127mm Manual feed slot: 254mm
Maximum Printable Paper Length
Margins (Top, Bottom, Sides)
Recommended area: Top margin: 57mm, Bottom margin: 55mm, Left/Right: 3.4mm (LTR/LGL: Left margin 6.4mm, Right margin 6.3mm)Printable area: Top margin 3mm, Bottom margin 5mm, Left/Right margin 3.4mm (LTR/LGL: Left margin 6.4mm, Right margin 6.3mm)Borderless printing: Top/Bottom/Left/Right 0mm
Borderless Printing*6
Media Width: A4, A3, A3+, A2, 4x6", 5x7", 8x10", 10x12", 14x17", 17x22", LTR

Environment Certifications

Environment Certifications
International Energy Star Program (WW), RoHS directive, EPEAT


Ink Tank
Maintenance Cartridge

Direct Specifications - Apple Air Print

1-up (bordered/borderles*9): LTR, A4, A3, A3+, A2, 4”x6”?5"x7", 8"x10", 10"x12", 14"x17", 17"x22"1-up(bordered only): A5, B5, B4, B3, LGL, LDR, Custom size
Print Quality*8
PIXMA/MAXIFY Printing Solutions (for iOS/Android)
Layout: 1-up (bordered/borderles*9): LTR, A4, A3, A3+, 4”x6”, 5"x7", 8"x10", 10"x12", 14x17"Layout: 1-up(bordered only): A5?B5?B4?LGLPrint Quality: Fixed

Camera Direct Specifications

1-up (bordered*10/ borderless*9): LTR, A4, 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10", A3, A3+, 17"x22"1-up(bordered only): NAPhoto Index: LTR, A4, 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10"Sticker 2/4/9/16-up: NA4-up (bordered); NAPrint with shooting information: LTR, A4, 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10", A3, A3+, 17"x22"20-up print with shooting information: LTR, A435-up contact print: LTR, A4Disc Label: NAFile number & date print: Available*4
Print Quality

Card Direct Specifications

Print Quality*8
Standard/HighLayout: 1-up (bordered/borderles*9): NA, 1-up(bordered only): NA, Disc Label: NA, File number & date print: NA


imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
*1. Ink droplets can be placed with a pitch of 1/2400 inch at minimum.*2. When printing ISO/JIS-SCID N2 pattern on Photo Paper Pro Platinum using default settings.*3. Acoustic Noise is measured based on ISO7779 standard.*4. The performance of the printer may be reduced under certain temperature and humidity conditions.*5. For the temperature and humidity conditions of papers such as photo paper, refer to the paper's packaging or the supplied instructions.*6. Paper types NOT supported for borderless printing are as follows: Photo Stickers*7. When printing ISO/JIS-SCID N2 pattern on A4 size Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101) using default settings. Specifications are subject to change without notice.*8. Resolution may be changed between Direct print and printing from PC.*9. The amount of image extension beyond the paper cannot be adjusted.*10. Plain paper is printed bordered automatically, regardless of the camera settings.*11. Non-support for 2/4/9/16-up in sticker printing as well as date/file number printing in disc label printing. As for '4-up' print layout, either file number or date can be printed at one time.


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